Super Thanks – New Way To Make Money On YouTube


Super Thanks is now available to everyone! YouTube is expanding its Super Thanks tipping program, giving more creators another way to monetize their presence on the platform. With Super Thanks, creators instantly unlock an easy and new fan funded revenue stream, letting viewers support and connect more deeply with their videos.

Super Thanks:

Super Thanks
YouTube Super Thanks

Super Thanks, which allows fans to send creators tips directly on videos, was previously in beta since being announced last year. Tip amounts vary between $2 and $50, and fans can include a custom comment when they send creators money. The program is now open to all eligible YouTube Partner creators in 68 countries, the company announced in a blog post.

Other Methods of Monetization:

YouTube has introduced a variety of ways creators can monetize interactions with fans and viewers. In addition to Super Thanks, a feature called Super Chat allows livestream audience members to pay to have their comment pinned in the accompanying chat. With another livestream tipping feature, Super Stickers, creators can make money when fans purchase cartoon character stickers.


Creators make money from their videos on YouTube through ad revenue split with the platform. But some creators say that income is unreliable, especially if advertisers pull out during controversies or bad press. The ability to monetize a fanbase directly could provide a more steady income stream for creators compared to ad revenue. YouTube, is always looking for fresh ways creators can diversify their revenue streams. There are now 10 ways for creators to make money on YouTube, and I can’t wait to see how creators use Super Thanks!

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