The Continental, a John Wick Prequel is Actually Happening!


Peacock to Release The Continental, a John Wick Prequel:

Peacock has just released the teaser trailer for The Continental, a prequel series set in the John Wick universe. The show will explore the history of the luxurious hotel that serves as a neutral ground for assassins and will feature Winston Scott, the hotel’s eventual owner, in his younger years. The Continental is set in 1970s New York and follows Winston’s harrowing journey to take control of the hotel’s mysterious underworld.

The Continental

A Three-Part Series:

The Continental is slated as a three-part series and is set to begin streaming in September. Colin Woodell plays a younger version of Winston Scott. Ana de Armas will also star in another Wick spinoff film, Ballerina, which is due to hit theaters next year.

Exciting news for John Wick Fans:

John Wick fans will be thrilled to hear about The Continental, a new prequel series coming to Peacock in September. The teaser trailer promises to be action-packed, with plenty of guns and suspense. The three-part series will explore the history of the iconic hotel and follow Winston Scott on his journey to take control of its underworld. Meanwhile, the forthcoming film Ballerina, starring Ana de Armas, is sure to generate more buzz around the Wick universe.

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