Studies find too much social media is bad for teen health


The more research is published, the more it looks like too much Instagram or Facebook has consequences for teens’ health.


Just like adults feel pressure in the age of smart phones to be constantly available to their jobs, teens feel some of the same pressure to be constantly engaged in messaging and social media. This pressure can cause teens to stay plugged in at all hours of the day– and the night. Social media use (especially at night) and emotional investment in social media has been linked to poorer sleep quality, lower self esteem, and higher levels of anxiety.


Another study released in July found even more dramatic results. After studying 753 middle school and high school students, researchers noticed that those enaged in social media for more than two hours per day were more likely to have poor mental health and even suicidal thoughts.


The takeaway from these studies is clear. Parents need to teach (preferably by example) the importance of unplugging from the internet and how to have work/technology/life balance. Parents also need to help their teenagers emotionally detach from social media, instead of basing their worth, social or otherwise, on the number of likes or followers.


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