Street Fighter Is The Latest Game Franchise To Be Turned Into A New Live-Action Movie


New Street Fighter Live-Action Movie:

Capcom, the video game company behind the Street Fighter franchise, has announced that a new movie is in the works in collaboration with Legendary Entertainment. Although Legendary had already acquired the film and TV rights to the series, Capcom’s recent announcement confirms the new Street Fighter movie is coming soon. Fans of the franchise may also want to catch up on the previous Street Fighter movies, including the famous “but for me, it was Tuesday” meme from the 1994 film and the Chun-Li-focused movie from 2009.

Street Fighter

Release timed perfectly for Street Fighter 6 launch:

The announcement of the new Street Fighter movie is well-timed to coincide with the upcoming release of the next major game in the series, Street Fighter 6, set to release on June 2nd. Fans are hopeful that the movie will incorporate the same style and slick graphics from the game. Capcom is the latest game company to venture into non-game adaptations, following the trend set by Nintendo’s Mario movie, PlayStation’s The Last of Us HBO TV show, and the upcoming Gran Turismo film.


Fans of the Street Fighter franchise have reason to celebrate with the announcement of a new movie in the works. The film, which is a collaboration between Capcom and Legendary Entertainment, will bring the beloved characters of the video game franchise to the big screen once again. The announcement comes just in time for the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6, and fans can’t wait to see what the movie has in store for them.

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