Microsoft is Now Openly Testing A Better Windows 11 Volume Mixer?


Windows 11 Volume Mixer Update:

Windows 11 Volume Mixer – A new enhanced audio mixer is coming to Windows 11 that allows users to make individual volume and audio output adjustments directly from the taskbar. The updated volume mixer was officially revealed as part of the new Preview Build 25309 which is being rolled out to testers in the Windows 11 Insider Dev channel.

When released, the updated mixer will be located inside the Quick Settings panel on the Windows taskbar, which can be accessed by clicking on the volume icon. Microsoft has also added a new Windows keyboard shortcut (Win + Ctrl + V) to open the mixer directly. The mixer allows users to quickly switch between audio outputs (i.e. headphones, speakers, etc), as well as adjust the volume of individual apps and toggle spatial audio technologies like Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos.

A screenshot of the new Windows 11 volume mixer

At last, we won’t have to jump through menus to tweak the volume of individual apps.Image: Microsoft

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the new volume mixer. Prior to Microsoft’s official announcement, the feature leaked last month after it was discovered within an experimental flag of a Windows 11 test build. It may also look familiar to anyone who’s used EarTrumpet — a third-party volume control app for Windows created almost five years ago to “fill a number of gaps in the audio management experience on Windows 10.”

Windows 11 Volume Mixer Update Release Date:

There’s currently no word on a public release date for the Windows volume mixer. Microsoft says it isn’t even available to all Insiders in the Dev Channel “just yet,” allowing the company to monitor feedback before making the feature more widely available. Still: better late than never for Microsoft to catch up to third-party options.


The new mixer allows you to switch between audio outputs and adjust individual app volumes via Quick Settings.

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