The New Super Mario Bros. Movie is Coming a Little Early!?

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Super Mario Bros. Movie:

Super Mario Bros. Movie – While The Super Mario Bros. Movie is still slated to debut at the beginning of April, it’s hitting theaters a bit sooner than we initially thought.

Today, Universal announced, by way of The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s Twitter page, that the feature’s release date in the US (and 60 other markets including China, France, the UK, Italy, Germany, and Mexico) has been moved to Wednesday, April 5th, from Friday, April 7th.

The New Super Mario Bros. Movie is Coming a Little Early!?

This latest change to the movie’s scheduled US premiere is nearly one year after Nintendo announced that it was being pushed back from December 21st, 2022, to April of this year. It’s not entirely clear why The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be arriving here earlier than expected, but given the previous delays, it may simply boil down to Universal, Illumination, and Nintendo wanting to unleash it upon the public as soon as possible.

The release date of a “final” The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is unchanged, and it will be revealed on March 9th.


The film’s release date has moved up by two days in the US and 60 other markets and is now set for April 5th. Its Japan premiere is still scheduled for April 28th.

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