LifePoint Minister Speaks About Overcoming Pornography


Pastor Nathan of LifePoint Church in Phoenix, Arizona, finished up his “Generation Private” series with a sermon about overcoming pornography (and any other harmful habit) by centering our lives on greater things and realizing that we all have goals that are incompatible with a pornography habit.


He also spoke to the harm of pornography as children’s first exposure to sexuality. First impressions are powerful, and sexual imagery is hard to forget. Combine the two, and children are set up for a lifetime of mixed messages about gender, relationships, and sexuality.


While the religious themes may not be relevant to everyone, Pastor Nathan’s values of self-control, self-denial, and priorities are universal. When we focus on the things that are really important– family, integrity, and morality– it is obvious pornography has no place in our home and in our hearts.


We encourage everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, to watch Pastor Nathan’s message below.



Sunday, June 5th from LifePoint Church on Vimeo.


Never has it been more important for pastors to filter their church WiFi and encourage their congregations to do the same at home.


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