Feature Friday: Remote Control App for Android is Here!


Today’s families are always on the go: work, school, soccer practice, piano lessons, play rehearsals, dance lessons– you name it!


Now parents can adjust their Clean Router settings from anywhere with the Remote Control app! Did the kids call to report completed chores? Taking Minecraft off of the Black List only takes three clicks! Does Susie need access to an art website for a project? You can put that website on the White List in seconds!


Android users can download the Clean Router Remote Control app from the Google Play store immediately! iOS users, stay tuned, the Remote Control app will be coming to the iTunes Store in the next couple weeks. All users please note that you may need to upgrade your Clean Router subscription to use Clean Router apps.


To use the Remote Control app, Clean Router needs to be running version or later. If your Clean Router is an older version, please contact our support team by calling 520-445-4673, emailing, or using the live chat function on our website.


Have you tried the Clean Router Remote Control app for Android? What do you love about it?



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