iOS 16 lets you transfer an eSIM to a new iPhone over Bluetooth

eSIM Bluetooth Transfer

Apple is adding an easy method to swap your eSIM to a new iPhone in the upcoming iOS 16 release. Twitter user Carson Waldrop has spotted (via MacRumors) that iOS 16 supports transferring eSIM cards from an existing iPhone to a new one using Bluetooth. The switch looks effortless, allowing you to easily transfer your phone number when you buy a new iPhone.

ios 16

iOS 16 Bluetooth eSIM Transfer:

Currently in iOS if you purchase a new iPhone and you use an eSIM you have to contact your carrier to get the eSIM reissued. While some carriers make this effortless through QR codes in their mobile apps, others force you to go to a store to transfer an eSIM. Apple’s new eSIM swap support in iOS 16 looks like it will remove some of these headaches, but MacRumors points out that it’s only possible to transfer eSIMs over Bluetooth if a carrier supports the feature.


As iOS 16 is still in beta, carrier support for this new feature is likely incomplete right now, so we won’t know how many carriers and countries will support this fully until iOS 16 is available this fall. iOS 16 is currently in developer preview, and includes customizable lock screens with widgets, iMessage edit and undo send support, an iCloud shared photo library, and much more.

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