Houston Family magazine features family internet safety tips from Clean Router CEO and Co-Founder Spencer Thomason


With most schools closed for summer vacation by now, kids are spending more time than ever online. Parents, are you ready to keep your family safe on the internet this summer? Houston Family magazine featured some basic tips from our Clean Router CEO and Co-founder Spencer Thomason to help families have good clean tech fun all year round. Here are a few of the tips from the article (which you can read in full here).


  1. Talk with your kids

If you spend any time on the Clean Router blog, you know that internet safety education from parents to kids is something we HIGHLY encourage. While parents can and should use technology to protect their kids online, parents also have the responsibility to prepare their children to use the internet wisely. Think of the internet like a swimming pool– you buy the arm floaties and stay close, but you also teach your kids to swim.


2. Install filtering at the network level

Installing a filter on your desktop computer used to be enough, but between your family’s smart phones, tablets, laptops, video game systems, and the smart tv, putting a filter on each device is impractical and expensive. Then, when your kids’ friends walk through the door, you have more unprotected devices in your home! Clean Router is a one-step installation process that will automatically filter every device in your home. It does not matter if a device belongs to you or a friend, any device that connects to your home wi-fi is covered.


3. Make sure you have all of your kid’s social media passwords and check their social media accounts regularly.

Spying, you say? Monitoring, say we. The key is honesty and transparency between parents and kids. When turning over the passwords is a condition of having a social media account, the kids know that the parents will be checking up on their online lives, and they have an added incentive to stay out of trouble. Better yet, having conditions for social media use creates an open dialogue between parents and kids about smart social media habits and prepares kids to use the internet responsibly as adults. Sneaking around doesn’t have as many benefits as being open about how and why parents involve themselves in kids’ digital lives.


To read the Houston Family article in full (and it’s a good one!), click here.


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