Feature Friday: The CleanYouTube Android app is here!


Android tablet and smart phone users, we are excited to announce that the CleanYouTube app is in the Google Play store!


YouTube has become a popular destination for families for good reason. It’s full of educational tutorials, kid-centered entertainment, and endless cute animal stunts. However, the ubiquity of pornographic content endangers children, teens, and anyone just looking for good clean fun. What’s a family to do?


With CleanYouTube, your family can have all the fun of YouTube with none of the filth. Our exclusive Intellifilter technology filters out everything you don’t want your kids to see, and allows access to what you love.


Apple users, the CleanYouTube app will be here soon. Until then, you can use CleanYouTube any time at!


Clean Router family, stay tuned for more exciting developments! We are going to have an eventful summer.

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