Feature Friday: Sale!

If Clean Router is not already protecting your home and providing you with online peace of mind, take advantage of our limited time offer!


Right now, Clean Router can be yours for only $12.99 a month! Combine this sale with our ongoing offer to give you a basic Clean Router for FREE (just pay $9.99 shipping and handling charges), and this is our best deal yet!


Clean Router allows parents to monitor their families’ online activity and block inappropriate content at the source. There’s no complicated installation process, and every device in your home is covered at no additional charge.


Our internet filters are multi-layered and completely customizable. Parents can add or remove websites from black or white lists, or block entire internet domains with ease. We have a sliding scale to adjust the filter strength, and an option to block all porn sites, violence, and gambling content.


Don’t wait any longer to protect your home and family with Clean Router. Visit our website and click “Get Started Now” to begin!

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