Feature Friday: Info at Your Fingertips

Why do you have an internet filter?


Other filters have one goal, and one goal only– keep your kids out of the bad stuff online. This is definitely important, and Clean Router can and will block pornographic and other harmful content from your home.


However, Clean Router also encourages families to have an ongoing conversation with your kids about internet safety. We facilitate this by giving you a “Filter Info” section in your settings.


The Filter Info sections clearly displays:

— Where the filter is being temporarily bypassed at that moment

— Which sites have been requested but blocked by the filter

–All the sites your internet connection has accessed


So, how does this information help you talk to your kids? A conversation could go like this:

Dad: “Hi son, I saw online that you have bypassed the filter to visit”

Son: “Yeah, I don’t know why that dumb filter blocked it. is just a pirate gaming site.”

Dad: “That’s interesting, maybe we need to adjust our Clean Router filter settings, or maybe we can put it on the White List. Mind if I watch you play for a while and see if I can guess why the Clean Router blocked it?”

Son: “Sure.” (plays game)

Dad: “Hmm, when you stabbed that pirate, he really bled a lot. And were those his intestines?”

Son: “It’s no big deal, Dad. It doesn’t affect me at all.”

Dad: “You know that, in our house, we don’t participate in media that glorifies violence.”

Dad and son go on to have a conversation about their family’s media values, violence in media, and video games.


Of course it is best when you can participate in media as a family. But that’s just not always possible. Clean Router is there when you can’t be. We give you the tools to stay up to date on your family’s online activity so that you can keep your family accountable to your media values and have conversations about the importance of internet safety.


With Clean Router, you have all the information you need to protect your family online at your fingertips. Visit today to learn more about our mission to bring you online peace of mind!



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