Feature Friday: How to Set Up Your New Clean Router

Congratulations on your new Clean Router! We can’t wait for that package to arrive on your new doorstep.

We know, however, that the most frustrating part of technology can be getting started. Luckily, our simple, user-friendly router is a piece of (chocolate) cake to install. And we won’t even leave you alone to set it up yourself!

Once that package arrives on your doorstep, call the number on the box: 1-520-445-4673. Either Ryan or Chris, your new support network, will walk you through the simple steps of set up.

1) Plug in your Clean Router and turn it on.

2) On computer or mobile device, sign on to the network.

3) At, create your administrative and wi-fi passwords and adjust your settings.

4) Enjoy the feeling of clean internet.

5) Walk away with peace of mind, knowing that Clean Router is always working to protect your family.

It’s really that easy! Click here to learn about our service and order your Clean Router today!

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