Cyberbullying– The stats say it’s affecting YOUR kids

Is your family looking for a meaningful New Year’s resolution with far-reaching consequences? Check out these statistics about cyberbullying to spark a conversation in your family about why cyberbullying hurts and what each person can do to end it!


*58% of kids admit someone has said something mean to them online. Almost half of kids say it’s happened more than once.

*Over a third of students have been threatened online. One in five students have received multiple threats.

*21% of students have received a hurtful or threatening email or private message.

*Over half of kids admit to have said something mean or threatening online. More than one in three kids have done so repeatedly.

*Over half of kids have not told their parents about a cyberbullying incident.


These statistics are from STOMP Out Bullying at


What can parents do to influence kids to stand against cyberbullying! Dr. Meg Meeker, M.D. and parenting expert, recommends encouraging empathy by asking kids about others and their feelings:


“Talk with your kids about what life must be like for their best friends, for someone you meet at a ball game, etc. Take the time to ask your kids questions about others by saying, ‘I wonder if Johnny sees his parents much’ or ‘I heard that Ellie’s father passed away a few years ago, I wonder how she’s doing.’ Simply by asking thought provoking questions, you can help your kids begin to see how other kids live.”


You can read the full article on Dr. Meeker’s blog by clicking here!


Encouraging empathy in children of any age is one of the best ways to prevent desensitization to cruelty and bullying both online and off. The internet in particular seems to encourage unkind words and behaviors, especially when individuals can act anonymously.


To read more about teaching children healthy internet habits and cyberbullying in particular, click here!


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