An app for autism: researchers develop a game to diagnose autism in kids


Swipe left.

Swipe right.

Double tap.

Level up– diagnostic complete!


Researchers have developed a game for the iPad that allows them to analyze a child’s hand motions to determine whether or not the child is on the autism spectrum.


The study, published in the Nature group journal Scientific Reports highlights an aspect of autism that is often overlooked: movement. While social and emotional assessments are essential for treating and analyzing autism, they can be somewhat subjective. Measuring movements, on the other hand, provides objective data.


A diagnostic game may also be more accurate simply because it puts kids at ease. An office or lab can be unnerving even for adults; kids are even more likely to behave erratically. This is particularly problematic when trying to make a diagnosis based on behavioral cues. A game not only keeps kids from running in circles around the room, it can help kids act naturally and provide valid data for analysis. If the app becomes available to the public, parents may even be able to assess children at home. Such an app provides endless possibilities for parents, educators, and medical professionals. Isn’t technology amazing?


To read more about the study, click here!


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