Always Forgetting Your Passwords? Try This Instead!

Are your passwords starting to look like bleeped-out curse words?






If your passwords are starting to become completely un-memorable, take heart. A recent series of studies from Carnegie Mellon University (and featured here in the Washington Post) say that a secure password doesn’t actually need to be a random jumble of letters, numbers, and symbols. In fact, password length can be just as effective as randomness for stopping would-be computer hackers.


Experts now suggest utilizing a phrase or short sentence for passwords, a much easier format to remember than the previously used jumble. An element of nonsensicality is wise, though– it keeps the advantage of randomness. For example, according to the new rules, a strong password might be:


The square ball slept in a tree.


It’s a fairly memorable image, but the sentence has no real world connection.


Security experts caution against borrowing popular quotes, such as movie lines or popular song lyrics, though. The more popular the source of the quote, the more likely a hacker will include the quote in his or her database. If you must pull your password or phrase from an outside source, pick something relatively obscure.


Your administrator password is the key to your Clean Router, so follow security guidelines and choose your password carefully. While security experts no longer recommend routinely changing passwords, don’t hesitate to reset your Clean Router password if you think someone in your household may be bypassing the filter without authorization. Stay vigilant, and protect your online peace of mind!


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