6 Reasons to Love Social Media

Between privacy scares, hackers, and too many Farmville invites, it can be easy to forget why we signed up for social media in the first place. Here are six reasons to fall back in love with social media.


1.  Connect with people like you

Debz Aiken, a writer for Elite Daily, recently wrote an article about how social media connected her with other beautiful plus sized women living fabulous lives. Watching and talking to those women helped her feel and more confident in the knowledge that her weight is not an obstacle to happiness. It’s a great article, and you can read it here.

Social media can connect us with other people who have similar lives, struggles, and interests. Whether we are looking for practical advice or emotional support, online communities are an amazing resource.


2.  Free cloud storage

In an era when online storage has become a commodity, social media allows you to save virtually limitless pictures and video footage on your profile for free! While social media is NOT the most secure or private location for sensitive content, social media can allow you to free up a little space in whichever cloud you use.


3. Friendships don’t have to end

Twenty years ago, your options for keeping in touch when friends moved away were limited to stamps and phone calls. Now, social media provides an instantaneous and free way to check in.


4. Ease of sharing content

Remember when you had to print out pictures and keep them in your wallet if you wanted to show them off? And actually be in the same room as the person to whom you wanted to show them? Now sharing photos, memes, and videos with anyone, anywhere in the world only takes seconds.


5. Closer to long distance family

It doesn’t matter if Grandma is next door or in Timbuktu– she can still have all the latest pictures of the kids. Social media allows family relationships to flourish despite distance. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and sisters can reunite online and build each other up in a way that just wasn’t possible over long distances before social media.


6. Take a stand

Is there a cause that is really important to you? Before social media, only your immediate social circle would hear your passion. Now, the world is your audience, and your feelings and opinions can make a difference. The viral possibilities of Facebook posts and tweets makes it possible to reach the kind of audience previously only available to journalists and public figures.


Social media is a great tool with a lot of perks! Get your kids ready for safe social media fun this summer by visiting our website at! You’ll find great tips for family internet safety and preparing your kids to make a splash in the digital world. Visit us today!




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