3 Subjects You Should Avoid On Social Media

In the last ten years, social media has become a natural extension of our social interaction. With just a few clicks, we digitally walk into a room full of family, friends, and acquaintances. It is easy to feel at home surrounded by the faces of people we care about, but don’t get too comfortable. Social media started out as an online clubhouse, but it has become more of a digital business card or resume. With that in mind, here are three subjects you should probably avoid on social media.


1) Politics

The difficulty of discussing politics is the divisiveness; unless everyone involved in the exchange agrees with you, someone will probably feel alienated. While we tend to surround themselves with like-minded people,  the odds of two hundred people sharing the exact same political views as you is slim to none.

If you do discuss politics on social media, be sure to express opinions with tact and courtesy. Prospective professional contacts are most likely to be turned off by political content that is extreme and derogatory. They are looking for individuals whom can work peacefully with many different kinds of people. Don’t lose out on opportunities in the heat of a moment of political fervor.


2) Family drama

Posting about private family arguments on social media can damage relationships and will, quite frankly, make others think worse of you. The inability to keep private matters private is disastrous in almost every context: school, work, family, friends, church, etc. A person who cannot be trusted to keep a secret is a person who cannot be trusted at all. Exercise some discretion, and resolve family feuds off-line.


3) Work grievances

Everyone has a bad day at work every so often, but no company wants their brand to be associated with unhappy employees. You should especially avoid posting about differences of opinion at work– how many supervisors do YOU know who enjoy being undermined? An employee who complains about work on social media is unlikely to stay employed for long. When in doubt, just post about how much you love your job. Or your dog. Or just something uplifting to brighten your day.


What subjects do you avoid on social media and why? Comment below!



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