2016 GOP platform condemns pornography

Republican delegates have voted to adopt an amendment condemning pornography to the party platform for the 2016 election cycle. The amendment reads:


“Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life of millions. We encourage states to continue to fight this public menace and pledge our commitment to children’s safety and wellbeing.”


The platform previously decried child pornography but made no mention of pornography using adults.


The amendment was proposed by Mary Forrester, a delegatefrom North Carolina. She spoke to Yahoo News about the dangers of pornography, stating, “It’s such an insidious epidemic and there are no rules for our children. It seems to be for young people, they do not have the discernment and so they become addicted before they have the maturity to understand the consequences.”


You can read more about the amendment here.


While Clean Router does not support, affiliate with, or endorse any political party for figures, we applaud any individuals or organizations whom strive to educate the public about the harms of pornography and the importance of internet safety.

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