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What is Clean Router?

Clean Router is a router with an internet safety program designed to allow your family to have a fun and safe online experience on any device with Wi-Fi in your home.


I already have an internet filter on my computer.

That’s great! Keeping your family safe online is so important. However, the computer is probably not the only way your family accesses the internet these days. Many families have smart phones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems, or smart tvs. Clean Router automatically cleans up the internet on all the devices in your home. Just plug it in and turn it on!


Filters either block too much or not enough.

An internet filter that does not provide your family with an online experience appropriate to their needs is not worth the time or money.  Clean Router is completely customizable in all aspects of the filtering process! For your convenience, Clean Router comes programmed to block a list of websites and key phrases. During set up (or any time), you can adjust the filter strength, completely block certain web sites and allow full access to others, and set individual schedules for each device in your home!


My family seems to be on the internet all the time! Can Clean Router help?

Absolutely! Clean Router allows you to determine when the internet is accessible at your house. Whether you’re worried about the internet interfering with a good night’s sleep, homework time, or family time, Clean Router provides good clean internet when you need it and turns off the internet when you are ready to unplug.

Watch our video to learn more about how to keep your internet clean:

Keeping your family safe online is not just possible– it’s easy!

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