The Pope, Pornography, and Hypocrisy

Recently Pope Francis gave a press conference on his plane en route from Sarajevo to Rome. Among other things, he spoke out on the dangers of pornography and unhealthy dependence on technology.

Speaking of the media, according to The Telegraph, he said, “There are dirty things, from pornography to semi-pornography, to programmes that are empty and without values – for example programmes that are hedonistic and consumerist. We know that consumerism is a cancer in society.”

He also spoke approvingly of parents who remove computers and televisions from their children’s bedrooms.

On Tuesday, Clean Router featured an article on our social media pages about this press conference from Breitbart. We felt Pope Francis’ message about families and internet safety contributed to our mission to protect families online.

A great conversation started on our Facebook page about hypocrisy. Do the imperfections of the Catholic church and the crimes of some of its leaders make Pope Francis a negative role model? Is Pope Francis a hypocrite for promoting moral behavior in spite of other Catholic leaders’ immoral behavior?

Pope Francis does currently represent the Catholic church. However, he has never excused or condoned the crimes of its leaders or members. His personal imperfections (that we all possess) do not take away from the validity of his advice on pornography, technology, and the family.

Here at Clean Router, we agree with Pope Francis that pornography dangerous filth. We also believe, like he does, that wise parents monitor their children’s use of technology. Some parents may choose to remove all electronic devices from bedrooms. This can definitely be a wise decision.

Thank you, Pope Francis, for making a stand for internet safety!

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