The Belly Itch Blog Reviews Clean Router!


The Belly Itch Blog has reviewed Clean Router! Here are our favorite parts of the review:


“I have a few kids who are literally addicted to internet and an online gaming. This means, there is a struggle in my household to get them to focus on academics during the school week (and weekend); and I have to worry about them bumping into the bevvy of inappropriate, violent and sexually explicit content on the Internet.”


“Because the router blocks the content, kids can’t try to circumvent the content filer. Sweet! Another plus to a hardware-based system. And the reports are easy to understand to see what sites your kids tried to access but was blocked.”


“Also, there is NO limit for devices for Clean router where other services usually have a cap of 10. In large households and ones where each kid has 2 to 3 devices each, Clean Router’s unlimited option comes out on top once again.”


“Clean Router turns out to be a pretty good investment and worthwhile product to overwhelmed and hurried parents who move way slower than the technology the kids rely on in this day and age.”


With kids and devices becoming more inseparably connected every day, parents love Clean Router’s hardware based solution to online pornography and adult content. We recognize that most families have multiple devices (and sometimes multiple devices per person), so Clean Router will cover EVERY device in your home at no additional cost!


To read the full review, click here! Please note that the pricing information in this review is out of date. To view our current pricing models at any time, click here!


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