Testimonial Tuesday: Amazon Customer


Happy Tuesday! On the second day of the week, we feature a review from one of our Clean Router customers. We love hearing what they appreciate about Clean Router!


Today’s review is from an anonymous Amazon customer.


“The product is great, the support is even better. But what you are really paying for with Clean Router is the protection – every packet of data coming into my house is checked, and anything that doesn’t meet our family standards is easily blocked. With four young kids at home and 12+ wifi connected devices, Clean Router provides the peace of mind that I need. We’ve paid for filters and blockers, but those are annoying because you have to manage all of the devices separately. Clean Router does everything blockers like Net Nanny do, only better and for way less money.”


Our customers love our US-based support and knowing that Clean Router covers ALL the devices in their home. Thank you to today’s reviewer!


What do you love about Clean Router? Comment below!

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