Read About Clean Router in Parents Magazine!


Clean Router has been included in a digital safety feature in the December 2016 issue of Parents magazine!


Parents especially appreciated our adjustable internet filter and the option to set individual schedules for each device in your home, as well as the ability to view the kids’ browsing history at any time. Clean Router was mentioned in a round up of internet safety tools for parents as a kid-safe router.


Clean Router is being recognized nation-wide for our hardware-based solution to online pornography, violence, and other adult content! Our customers love the combination of flexibility, security, and quality that set Clean Router apart in the internet safety industry. Clean Router’s accessibility and customizable options make us the best option for growing families– as your kids grow and mature, so can your internet controls! Our top-of-the-line Clean Router will cover every device in your home (even the kids’ friends’ devices!), and our new mobile apps secure and filter devices even after they leave the Clean Router network.


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