Pornography Addiction VS. Habit

You just found out your loved one has viewed pornography– repeatedly.  You’re feeling shocked, devastated, betrayed, and afraid. What do you do now?


Many people skip is the important first step– assessing the problem. Is your loved one truly addicted to pornography? Or is this just a bad habit? The answer can make all the difference in how you and your loved one approach this issue.


It’s important to remember that not everyone who regularly uses pornography is addicted, even if they feel drawn to view it against their better judgement. Throwing around the word “addiction” can make your loved one feel powerless and depressed, incapable of change. Perhaps even worse, the word “addiction” can make some feel that they are no longer accountable for their actions.


However, if your loved one really is addicted to pornography, he or she needs the help of a professional and a special kind of support. The expectations we have for an addict should be completely different from the expectations for a casual user.


So, how to tell the difference. A recent article in online magazine “Den of Geek” lists some red flags that may indicate that you or your loved one has an addiction to pornography. You can read the article here. Please note, though, that the authors of the article view casual porn use as harmless. Obviously, we at Clean Router do not agree.


Your loved one may be addicted to pornography if…

  • He spends longer than intended watching pornography
  • She views pornography when she has other (more productive) tasks to do
  • He have viewed pornography on a device that is not his
  • She have changed social plans to view pornography
  • He is deliberately hiding his pornography use
  • She has attempted and failed to limit (or end) her pornography use
  • He is viewing potentially illegal or violent pornography


Whether or not your loved one is addicted to pornography, don’t lose hope! Secure your home, set boundaries, and seek professional help if necessary. Your loved one can be free again, and your family can be healed.


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