Is Your Friend Addicted to Pornography?

Pornography dependence and addiction are so prevalent today that you probably know and love someone with this problem. But what do you say? How do you support them and their families?


NewsOK (a Deseret Digital Media affiliate) has published a list of suggestions for supporting friends with pornography addictions. While the original article (click here to read it) is aimed at wives of male pornography addicts, the advice translates nicely to those struggling with pornography themselves or any of their loved ones.


Among other suggestions, the article gives the following advice:

  • Remember you are not a therapist
  • Don’t diminish their struggle (i.e. Don’t saying things like “Can’t you/he/she just get over it?”)
  • Be sensitive to their pain and embarrassment
  • Let your friend make their own choices


Have you or a loved one struggled with pornography? How did your friends and family support you? Comment below!


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