How to recover deleted browsing history– A must-know for parents!

Maybe there’s a suspiciously large gap in your computer’s browser history. Maybe one of your kids seems unusually glued to the internet. Maybe you see more raunchy ads than usual. Maybe your computer got a virus for the first time. Or maybe you just have a hunch that something is not right. Either way, it might be time to check if your computer’s browser history has been deleted.


Now, why would someone delete a computer’s browser history? Many people periodically delete their browsing history along with cookies, temporary files, etc. to clean up their computer and increase their internet speed. However, kids are more likely to delete browser history if they’ve been out of bounds online. It doesn’t take much tech savviness at all, so kids either already know how or can learn how quickly. As a parent, it’s important to know how and where your kids spend their time online, just like you keep track of their whereabouts offline.


So, if you suspect your internet history has been tampered with, here’s what to do.


First, open your start menu and search for “System Restore.” Your computer may come back with with “System Restore,” “Create a Restore Point,” or something similar– pick the closest match.


Choose a restore point (a date and time), and click through any prompts. After the computer is done, reboot and check your browser history again. Anything that has been deleted since the date and time of your restore point will be there, and you’ll know if you need to be worried.


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