Google Meet Premium video calling features come to individual subscribers – New Features!

Google Meet Premium
Google Meet Premium
Google Meet Premium

Google Meet Premium:

Google Meet Premium is a a trio of Google Meet features that were previously only available via Google’s business-focused Workspace plans are coming to Google One subscribers, the search giant is announcing today. These include the ability to have group calls lasting up to 24 hours in length (up from a previous limit of one hour), access to Google Meet’s background noise filtering feature, and support for recorded video calls.

These features aren’t coming to every Google One plan. They’ll only be available to users who pay for 2TB of storage or more, which means paying at least $10 a month or $100 a year for a subscription. The features also aren’t rolling out to every 2TB Google One subscriber right away. Google’s announcement says they’ll be available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, and Australia for now, with more countries on the way soon.


It’s a helpful little upgrade for Google One, making some of the more advanced features of Google Workspace available to individuals. And Google’s announcement suggests it might not be the last, with “additional select premium features” from Meet, Gmail, and Calendar set to come to Google One plans in the future.

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