Fortnite Fracture Event is an unexpected chapter 3 finale

Fortnite Fracture Event:

The third chapter of Fortnite is ending with a live event — and it kicks off very soon. Today, developer Epic Games provided some details on the event, which is called “Fracture” and starts at 4PM ET on December 3rd. As with past live events, you only have one chance to check it out. You’ll be able to log in 30 minutes before it kicks off, and Epic also says you should still be able to hop on while the event is in progress, which will apparently be until 4:40PM ET, and you can be solo or in a group with up to four friends.

Fortnite Fracture Event – Details:

Of course, we don’t have many details about what the actual live experience will be like. The fun of these is experiencing them live in the moment. Epic does say that “Fracture” will be “an otherworldly and unexpected social event,” whatever that means. The key art (pictured above) certainly looks destructive. Those who log in between December 2nd and the 4th will also get an in-game marshmallow roasting emote. Read into that what you will.


“Fracture” will bring to a close Fortnite’s shortest chapter to date, lasting around a year and just four seasons. Past finales have been some of the most exciting moments in Fortnite’s history: chapter 1 finished after the island was sucked into a black hole, while chapter 2 ended with the new island being flipped over. That event took place almost exactly a year before when “Fracture” kicks off. Chapter 3 was particularly notable for introducing the popular Zero Build mode, which marked a huge (though not entirely unexpected) change for the game.

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