Feature Friday: The White List


Isn’t it annoying to have your favorite websites blocked by your internet filter? You know that it is important to protect your family online, but sometimes it feels like you have to sacrifice your online experience for online safety.


Here at Clean Router, we believe that your internet experience should be smooth and convenient as well as safe! To make this goal possible, we developed a feature called the White List, accessible at any time in your Clean Router Settings.


The White List allows you to make any website on the internet exempt from Clean Router’s filtering. Maybe Clean Router is interfering with Netflix, or maybe the filter has blocked an important pornography educational resource or your favorite cooking blog. All you have to do is enter the site’s URL into your White List, and the full site will be available to you at any time.


Here’s how to add your favorite website to your Clean Router’s White List:

1) Visit

2) Select “My Settings” at the top (Note: If you are not on your home internet network, go to

3) Enter your administrator password

4) From the menu on the left, select “White List”

5) Enter a website’s URL in the box, and hit “Add”

6) Click “Save.”


Anyone on your Clean Router internet connection will be able to access this website from any device. You can also remove a website from the White List at any time by clicking the red X next to the URL.


Internet filters don’t have to compromise your online experience! To learn more about how Clean Router can improve your family’s online safety AND online fun, click here!


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