Feature Friday: The Grey List

As a Clean Router user, you are probably familiar with the Black List and the White List. Many users, though, forget about the Grey List.


What is the Grey List? It’s a setting that allows you to exclude a website from the TLD Black List or  the Key Word List without putting it on the White List.


For example, let’s say there was a website about breast cancer, maybe with the url While this (fictional) website is a great educational resource, your Clean Router blocks it because of the suggestive url. While you could White List this website, it has a forum where anyone can comment and post pictures, so you would like Clean Router to filter any overly detailed content. The White List essentially gives a website a free pass, so it is not a solution that can meet this need.


Enter the Grey List. By entering a website’s url and clicking “Save,” Clean Router will filter that website based on only content!


Don’t forget to use the Grey List for your internet filtering needs!


For more information about protecting your family from pornography online, click here!

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