Feature Friday: Seven Analogies To Explain CleanYouTube’s awesomeness


Has CleanYouTube changed your life yet? Or at least your family’s internet experience? If not, you must not have tried this latest product of ours. Check out CleanYouTube now by clicking here or visiting


CleanYouTube beta is our way of taking “online peace of mind” to the next level. Here are five analogies to explain what CleanYouTube will do for your internet experience.


1) Your family had a stomach flu party in your bed, and we washed, dried, and scented your sheets.

2) Your adorable little girl rolled around in the mud, and we bathed her, dressed her, put a bow in her hair, and handed her a kitten.

3) A bird flew over your ice cream at the exact wrong time. We got you a new ice cream cone!

4) You tripped and tore a hole in your favorite pants. We sewed up the tear and added cool new buttons!

5) Some jerk keyed your car, and we repainted your car in the color of your choice.

6) Half your cookie broke off and fell on the floor, and we brought you two of your favorite cookies!

7) Your favorite trampoline broke. We fixed it and added a safety net!


Everything you love about YouTube, and nothing that gives you the creeps. Check out CleanYouTube beta today, and don’t forget to send us your feedback!

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