Feature Friday: It IS Your Business

Business owners, pay attention. Clean Router is ready to improve YOUR bottom line.


According to a survey by in 2012, 64% of employees visit a non-work related website EVERY DAY.


Let’s play a little numbers game.


If you have 50 employees, that means that 32 are wasting time on the internet every single work day.


But surely not that much time, right?


Well, if those 32 people spent 5 minutes each on internet surfing, your work place has wasted 160 minutes, over TWO AND A HALF HOURS, in one day.


And if you pay each employee, say, $10 an hour, that’s $25 down the drain. That doesn’t even include the money those employees could have brought in if they had been on task.


Maybe you feel like you have $25 a day to burn. Let’s do some more math.


Assuming a five day work week, your employees are burning $125 a week.


In a 50 week year, your company is wasting $6,250 a year.


Now, most internet surfers surf more than five minutes at a time, most companies employee more than 50 employees, and most employees are paid more than $10 per hour. In that case, the money lost increases exponentially!


Don’t lose any more money!


Clean Router will ensure that your employees have the internet access they need to do their jobs, and ONLY the internet access they need to do their jobs.


It IS your business what your employees do online at work!


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