Feature Friday: CleanYouTube Is Here!


Parents, your love/hate relationship with YouTube can be over!


CleanYouTube beta is online! We search YouTube and filter out inappropriate results so you don’t have to worry about what could pop up.


Here’s how to try it out:


1) Visit

What’s “io”? It’s just another domain, like com, org, or net.


2) Enter a search term.

It’s just like using YouTube, but you don’t have to play it so safe. Go on, be brave! I entered  “pretty girls.” A completely unsafe search term for YouTube, right? But the results were clean!


3) Note the suggested videos

No longer can YouTube suggest porn as your next viewing experience! Only other videos from the same YouTube channel will appear at the right side of your page. YouTube also suggests videos at the end of each video, and those suggestions will be filtered for inappropriate content as well. In fact the finished version of CleanYouTube won’t have any suggested videos at the end of video play.


We are so excited to show you CleanYouTube! Go to and test it. Share it with your friends and family as well. Remember that this is a beta version, so there may be some bugs. Feel free to shoot us an email at if something goes wrong. We welcome your feedback!



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