Feature Friday: Because you don’t stalk teachers

Admit it: Sometimes your internet filter just doesn’t understand you.

You try to look for lectures about teaching at, and your filter assumes your interest in teaching is actually an obsession with teachers.

Your Google Image search for a nice gouda is mistaken for something dairy-free.

When you want to look for a counselor at, your filter thinks you have a twisted mind.

Your attempts to research the harmful effects of pornography are stymied by an overzealous online knight in digital armor.

Clean Router isn’t here to get in your way—that’s why we created the White List.

Any web site on this list gets will not be filtered, blocked, or otherwise interfered with by us. Feel free to research chicken breast and thigh recipes, breast cancer, the harmful effects of pornography, or anything else without judgement.

  1. Log into your settings at
  2. On the left side of the page, select “White List”
  3. Enter (or the url of any website you trust completely) into the space provided and hit “Add”
  4. Click “save”

For an even quicker fix, simply enter your administrative password on the page that appears when trying to access your misunderstood website and click “Permanently Bypass.”

For more information on how Clean Router can help your family have a safer and more enjoyable internet experience, click here!

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