Feature Friday: Are you getting the most out of your Clean Router?


Is your Clean Router living up to its potential? With dozens of customizable settings and options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Whether you’re new to Clean Router and don’t know where to start, or you’ve had a Clean Router for years and aren’t up on our latest features, here are five tips for having the best Clean Router protection.


1.Take your time on the set up wizard

Pretty basic, we know, but we want you to have a great Clean Router experience right from the start! If you have any questions, call us at 520-445-4673.


2.Complete your device list

Clean Router tracks the web footprint of every device that connects to your internet network. Nifty, huh? However, our records identify each device only by the IP address. Unless you have the IP address of every device in your home memorized, a lot of the information we collect for you won’t mean much. Go to, select “My Account” then “Device List, and give each device a “Friendly Name” so you’ll know at a glance who was on Facebook at 2am last night. We’re looking at you, Sophie!


3. Set your notifications

Did you know Clean Router can text you? Select “Notifications” in the “Reporting” section of the menu. You can enter any email address or phone number and select from a variety of options, all designed to keep you in the loop about your family’s internet activity. We recommend signing up for a daily report, a notification in real time when someone tries to access a blocked website, and another notification when someone bypasses the router.


4.Time Restrictions

You can create an individual schedule for each device in your home, so don’t be shy! Log into,  open the “Scheduling” tab and click “Time Restrictions. Block Jimmy’s iPad during his daily tuba practice time, Sarah’s smart phone during homework time, and enforce device-free dinner time by turning off the internet from 6-7pm every day. Don’t forget to give each device a bedtime!



Now you can adjust your Clean Router settings anytime, anywhere! Type into any browser on any computer or mobile device, enter your password, and you can add or remove websites from your Black List, adjust your filter strength, turn off your home internet and more!


What’s your favorite Clean Router tip? Comment below!


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