Feature Friday: A Little Something Extra

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Sometimes we just need a little something extra.

Like guacamole on a taco.

Or an extra-long hug.

Or a little extra sleep.

There are also situations when we need a little extra security.

A guardrail on a sharp curve of the road.

A safety net under the tight rope.

A deadbolt on the front door.

A padlock on a bike.

Here at Clean Router, we understand that your family might need a little more security for your family’s internet protection– a little something extra.

For those of you who need the extra peace of mind, we offer the Clean Router Lock Box.

Place the Clean Router and your modem together inside and thread the cables through the hole at the top.

All internet access in your home will be channeled through the filter. You now have that little something extra– peace of mind.

For more information about the Clean Router Lock Box, click here or contact us here.

12 Jun, 15

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