Feature Friday: A Lifeguard for Web Surfing

With Memorial Day coming up next week, we are approaching swimming season! It’s time to dig out the life jackets, arm floaties, and remind the kids to always swim with a buddy and listen to the life guard.


Just like we protect our kids at the beach, we need to protect our kids online. As they surf the web, they need rules and life guards to keep them safe from internet predators and pornographic currents.


Clean Router is trained and prepped to protect your family this summer! With programmed schedules and customizable filters, Clean Router will ensure that your internet house rules stay in season. We’re also ready to “blow the whistle” on any illicit online activity with our nightly emailed reports of all the sites visited on your home internet connection.


Make sure your family is ready for summer fun! Protect your home with Clean Router today!


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