Feature Friday: A Clean Router security tip


Are you making the most of your Clean Router?


This week, we want to make sure your online peace of mind is not being compromised by nearby wi-fi networks. While most people secure their internet networks these days to prevent free-loading, some lack the tech savvy or just never get around to setting up the password.


This is problematic, of course, because Clean Router protects any device on your home internet network. While we are hard at work developing an app that can protect smart phones and tablets anywhere, currently squeaky clean internet is only possible through a Clean Router.


So if there is an unsecured wi-fi network in your neighborhood, what’s a parent to do? You can speak to the owner of the network and ask him or her to secure their internet. Most people don’t want other users compromising their bandwidth and internet speed, so they should be happy to comply.


If that approach does not work, are there any other options? Surprisingly, a paint job might help. A few companies like Air Pure Paints sell paint that blocks wi-fi signal. While this is an extreme measure, it may reassure particularly worried parents.


Perhaps the best course of action is parental awareness. Set a firm household rule that your Clean Router network is the only network your family is allowed to use, and periodically check your kids’s devices to make sure they are complying. Keep an eye on the Clean Router log as well. A sudden drop in activity could indicate someone may be using the unsecured network.


We are eagerly anticipating the release of our Clean Router mobile app! Until then, keep your Clean Router at optimal security and enjoy online peace of mind.


To learn more about family internet safety and how Clean Router can protect your family, click here!

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