Feature Friday: 3 Uses for the Black List You Haven’t Thought Of

The Black List is great for keeping sketchy content out of your home. But why stop there? This dark tool in shining armor is far more versatile than you’d think. Keep reading for three new uses for the Black List that will change the way your family uses the internet.


1) Social Media Grounding

Sure, you could take away your teens’ phones, tablets, and laptops when they are failing to toe the line, but that creates all sort of logistical difficulties. Your teens becomes unreachable, homework doesn’t get done, and suddenly they have no head for directions. Instead, just add all social media sites to the Black List! With just a couple clicks, you’ve created a new (temporary) normal and a boundary that is effortless to enforce.


2) Family Dinner Gong

Having trouble getting the family to gather for dinner? Sick of playing the sheep dog, herding your family to the table? Let the Black List call your family to dinner! Simply put your family’s favorite websites on the Black List, and wait for them to come to you! They will be eager to seek you out, and then they will be at their leisure to eat. It’s a time AND energy saver!


3) Homework Incentive-izer

Is your son having trouble summoning the motivation to get his homework done? Is your daughter’s Pinterest life interfering with her academic success? The Black List can help ambivalent teens find the will and drive to complete homework on time! Simply block all the “fun” sites, and watch them get to work. They will be begging to show you their finished homework before you can say, “Thank you, Black List!”


All joking aside, the Black List isn’t just another protection against online pornography. While the Black List is an excellent safeguard, it can be so much more! The flexible nature of this Clean Router setting was created to adapt to the ever-changing internet needs of your family. How do you use the Black List in your home? Comment below!



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