Donald Trump Just Got Unbanned From YouTube – Great News For The Former President


Donald Trump Unbanned From YouTube:

Donald Trump Unbanned From YouTube – YouTube has recently lifted restrictions on the YouTube account of former President Donald Trump. The channel is now allowed to upload new material, as announced by YouTubeInsider via Twitter. Although the channel is now unrestricted, it will continue to be subject to YouTube’s policies, like any other channel.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Ban Background and History:

Donald Trump was suspended from YouTube after the US Capitol riot on January 6th, 2021. The platform removed a video that violated its policies against inciting violence, and banned Trump from uploading new content. At first, the ban was for a week, but it was later extended indefinitely. However, YouTube did not confirm whether the ban would be permanent. In May 2021, CEO Susan Wojcicki stated that the ban would be lifted once the risk of further violent incitement was reduced.

Donald Trump as an Official Candidate:

YouTube’s recent tweet alludes to the fact that Donald Trump is now an official candidate for the 2024 Republican primary. This role will put him in the spotlight after years of relative reclusiveness. YouTube’s decision comes after Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all lifted their suspensions on Trump’s accounts. However, it is still unclear how and when Trump will use his newfound access to the platform. In recent months, he has been using Truth Social, where he signed a social media exclusivity deal that he is reportedly trying to wind down.


The lifting of restrictions on Donald Trump’s YouTube account has been a topic of interest since the former president’s suspension in January 2021. YouTube’s recent decision to lift the ban is consistent with its previous statement that the ban would be lifted once the risk of further violent incitement was reduced. Trump’s new role as an official candidate for the 2024 Republican primary may have influenced YouTube’s decision, but it remains to be seen how and when he will use his access to the platform.

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