Do You Need to Talk to Your Daughter About Pornography?



Somewhere along the way, our culture decided only guys use pornography. While it’s true that men are more attracted to traditional, visual pornography (ie pictures and videos), more and more women are using pornography both with others and alone. Recent statistics say that 17% of women are addicted to pornography. That’s about one out of every six women!


Don’t know how to start? Here are a few tips.


Know what female “soft porn” is

While boys might be introduced to pornography through sexually suggestive pictures or videos, girls are more likely to discover pornography in the written word. Fanfiction, romance novels, or even popular young adult novels introduce sexuality to many young women. Racy “chick flicks” can also gradually desensitize girls to sexual content. A recent book series and movie (that we won’t name and increase web traffic for) has been immensely popular among teenage girls and young adult women.


Don’t treat her as unfeminine

Teenage girls have developing sex drives and sexual attractions just as teenage boys do. Yet sometimes we view a boy’s porn problem as the result of normal curiosity but a girl’s porn use as unnatural. Pornography isn’t just a man’s problem because both men and women have an innate desire for intimate relationships.


Monitor her electronics

Watch for chat rooms, erotic literature websites, and adult fanfiction forums. Pinterest can also have a seedy underbelly. While what you look for might be a little different, though, the same limits you set for the boys are helpful for the girls. Keep electronics out of bedrooms, put the internet to bed at night, and be aware of what your kids of BOTH genders are doing online.


For more advice, check out this article on LDS Living or the pornography help section of our blog!


Parents, your daughters are also vulnerable to the dangers of pornography. Remember to protect ALL your family online and block ALL pornography from your home!


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