Common Sense Media Cites 9 Social Media Red Flags


With a new social media app coming out of the pipeline every few months, how’s a parent to keep up? Common Sense Media has written an article for Huffington Post to help adults scope out each new  app and minimize the risk to kids on social media.


The list of red flags includes includes:

  • Age-inappropriate content
  • Public default settings
  • Location tracking and sharing
  • Real-time video streaming
  • Anonymity


To read the full list, click here.


While each social media app has its risks, the article explains, many social media platforms can be used responsibly. The article gives advice for managing social media red flags and urges parents to be aware of their kids’ social media use.


Every social media user needs to be educated on the dangers of social media. For teens and tweens, parents should monitor social media use and have regular conversations about internet safety. It’s just part of learning to be a responsible adult these days.


To learn more about internet safety and talking to your kids about social media, click here!


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