AndroidGuys Reviews Clean Router!

The AndroidGuys reviewed Clean Router last week, and we love what they had to say!


You can read the full review here, but these are our favorite parts of their article.


On why every family needs Clean Router:

“Imagine a five year old searching for “six” but doesn’t know how to spell it properly and instead spells “sex”. Use your imagination and you can find quite a few scenarios where a child may accidentally expose themselves to content that they should not see until they are more mature. Porn on the internet is a $3 billion industry. It’s super easy to access the wrong kind of content, and now there is a way to manage your child’s internet content with a tool from Clean Router.”


How Clean Router works:

“Clean Router offers a simple solution where you simply plug in its tool into your router. Setup takes no longer than five minutes. There are two packages available to users: the base model is ideal for families that want protection online and have only a few devices at home and minimal square footage of wi-fi coverage range. It automatically blocks pornography using proprietary IntelliFilter technology. Then there is the Pro version, which comes with the latest 802.11ac – which means better wireless speed, range, and overall better performance.”


Thanks, AndroidGuys!


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