4 Things You Didn’t Know About Facebook


What would 2016 look like if Facebook had never been born? The first social media giant (sorry MySpace), Facebook has changed the way all of us interact with the Internet. Users all over the world share content, post statuses, send private messages, and connect with new and old friends in a totally unprecendented way and volume. Even those who prefer other social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram have Facebook to thank. After all, if the first major social network had flopped, we certainly would not have seen social media explode as it has in the last ten years.


But, Facebook and its users still have some surprises. Here are six things you probably don’t know about Facebook.


1) Facebook owns several other social media apps.

Instagram is the best known acquisition, but Facebook also owns WhatsApp, Hot Potato, Karma, and


2) The average number of friends for one user is 338.

After further examination, the Pew Research Center reported in 2014 that the median number of friends is 200. Age is significant too– 27% of users 18-29 years have over 500 friends, and 72% of users over 65 have less than 100 friends.


3) 12% of Facebook users have been asked to “unfriend” someone.

These requests have been made mostly by a friend or a romantic partner to unfriend…. A friend or former romantic partner. Sound familiar?


4) 25% of Facebook users never update their own Facebook status.

They’re more likely to “like” or comment on friends’ posts or send private messages to friends. 4% of Facebook users update their status multiple times a day, though.


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