3 tips to prevent a technology dependency

“Glued to their phones.”

That’s how observers describe most teens, kids, and young adults these days. Even for older adults, disconnecting can require effort.

These behavioral patterns can lead to difficulty with face-to-face interaction, dangerous driving habits, obesity, or simply missing out on real life.

In our day, preventing a technology dependency requires parental guidance for kids and teens and mindful effort for everyone. Try these three tips to help you and your family stay in control of your screen time.


1) Ask yourself “Why am I plugging in?”

It’s easy to mindlessly pull out your phone and start scrolling. Two hours later, you haven’t moved an inch, and you aren’t even sure where the time went.

When you log on, have a purpose and maybe even a to-do list. Say to yourself, “I am going to ____, ____, and _____, and then I am getting off.

If you find yourself absent-mindedly pulling out your phone or computer, put it away until you really need to do something.


2) Schedule tech time

It’s important to remember that life is more than screen time! Have certain hours for your family that are the time for social media, entertainment, and work, and then unplug when time is up.

If you use technology heavily for work or are constantly expected to be available by phone or email, consider scheduling at least a little time each day to put work away and be truly off the clock.


3) Implement screen free hobbies

Work, music, research, movies, games– with all there is to do online, it’s easy to forget how many cool activities don’t require a charger cable.

Picking up an unplugged hobby like hiking, crafting, reading (a real book), or running will make you want to log off. Your eyes, posture, and and brain will thank you.


How do you keep technology from sucking you in? Comment below!


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