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Character Tech’s Clean Router Review!

This Character Tech review is an “oldie but a goodie.” We love their examples of how Clean Router is great for homes and other establishments!


“The Clean Router automatically blocks pornography and other harmful material from ever reaching your computer screen or any other wireless device (such as a tablet, iPad, game console, streaming media player, or smartphone) connected to your home’s WiFi Network.

The Clean Router is not software-based protection, but rather provides router-based protection which means that there is no software to install on each device, no files that users can manipulate, and no creative ways to fool the program to allow a user past the blocking. This tool is essential for libraries, schools, churches and homes where children have access to the Internet, but no limitations on what they can see. With the Clean Router, children can be kept from inappropriate sites, and employees can be prevented from wasting valuable company time by visiting sites that have no relation to the work they do. The real benefit, however, is that, with the Clean Router, everyone can safely use the Internet.”


You can read the full review here. The pricing model the review mentions is out of date, but you  can view our current subscription and router costs here.


Thanks, Character Tech!


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Vitality Magazine Featured Clean Router!

Vitality Magazine, a publication for active older adults in Massachusetts, featured Clean Router in the October 2016 edition! If you subscribe to the magazine, you can find the review in the Lifestyle/For the Grandkids section.


“With kids back to school, they will be using the power of the Internet on computers or mobile devices more often now. And while the wealth of knowledge is great for school projects, it can sometimes land them in trouble. For example, if a child accidentally clicks that X-rated spam pop-up or a seemingly innocent link that redirects them to something you would never want them to see. If you’ve got grandkids on the Internet in your home, you want to protect them. The Clean Router is a five-layer filtering router that has preset and customizable parental settings that filter out content. The Clean Router, easy to use, plugs into any modem and will protect any device that connects to the home’s Wi-Fi network, unlike apps and software that only safeguard the device on which the program is downloaded.”


Thanks for the great review, Vitality Magazine!


Grandparents, your home internet network is one of the most commonly overlooked places children stumble across online pornography. Protect your grandkids in your home with Clean Router, and enjoy the online peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are safe!


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The Paper Reviews Clean Router!

Bob Gunnar, Tech Editor at The Paper (a local Houston online newspaper) has reviewed Clean Router! Here’s what he had to say.


“We tested the base model and found it easy to install, and that it worked exactly as promised.  One month of service is offered for free when you subscribe, and then you pay the $12.99 a month (Note: Now only $9.99/month! Check out our most up-to-date pricing info here) to continue the service which automatically updates with regular updates to black, white & grey lists.  The router had great speed and worked fine with our cable service… We really like the concept of Clean Router, the monthly service charge is a small price to pay to assure your children are protected.  It would be great for a church, day care or school.”


Thank you to The Paper and Bob Gunnar! You can read the full review here.


Our customers love Clean Router’s easy installation and automatic updates. The internet evolves constantly, so our consistent monitoring and regular updates ensure that your home receives cutting edge protection– even if you bought your router years ago!


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About Fatherhood LOVES Clean Router!

Have you seen this fantastic Clean Router review at About Fatherhood?


“I can’t think of any parents I know who want to allow their children unbridled access to the Internet. Without careful parental monitoring and caution, kids can get exposed to all kinds of dangerous material on the Web from pornography to drug information to malicious software. And while many parents use parental control software on the computers in their home, smartphones and tablets and e-readers often have access to the Internet without going through these computer-based filters. The Clean Router offers an easy to administer solution to filtering the content of and managing access to the Internet for every wireless device connecting to your WiFi hotspot.”


“The Clean Router Wireless Router is an amazing tool for families interested in filtering web content and managing web access in their home to any wireless device. The system is cost-effective, extremely full-featured and very fast. With a wide range of options for any family, this filtered wireless router is a great addition to a home where there are a number of wired and wireless devices accessing the Internet.”


“We have loved our Clean Router. It has made the Internet experience a lot safer for our children, and it blocks content that we would rather not see as well. While it is a little pricier than similar wireless routers, the filtering and monitoring are quite robust and full-featured. Our experience has been nearly flawless and I recommend Clean Router to any family who wants to take control of the Internet experience for their family on any wired or wireless devices you use.”


Wow, thank you, About Fatherhood!


You can read the full review by clicking here.


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Keeper at the Homestead reviews Clean Router

Keeper at the Homestead has featured Clean Router! Here’s what they had to say.


“Clean Router has customizable filters that you, the parent, set. These filters protect your children from being exposed to things that are unnecessary for anybody to be exposed to. The word “trash” sums it up nicely. Not only does this protect children, it protects families as well. Pornography and the likes, as I said earlier, are damaging. It destroys numerous marriages. A parent can rest assured that with using Clean Router and basic internet common sense their children will be better off. The bonus with Clean Router is that it is super easy to work. Besides the filters, the set up doesn’t differ from a regular router though the benefits do. Unlike others’ safeguards that only have filters on the device it was downloaded to, Clean Router’s filters apply to any device that connects to it. In their words, regardless of what your child uses to access the internet the filters, that you customized, are there resulting in internet protection. Think of it as an extra pair of eyes. While the internet is a great tool, it is also a deadly one. Great care needs to be applied to it. Not only should one, in my opinion, invest in a Clean Router but one should also teach their children responsibility and self-control.”


We couldn’t agree more! Parents have every responsibility to protect their kids online both with the best technological tools AND by helping them develop healthy internet habits.



You can read the review in full here!


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Hanging Off the Wire Reviews Clean Router

The blog “Hanging Off the Wire” featured Clean Router, and we love what they have to say!


“As a parent there are many conversations and situations you hope that you will be able to avoid as you are raising your children. One of those is calling another parents to inform them that their child accidentally saw inappropriate content while using the Internet at your house. This awkward conversation can easily be avoided if you have the right WiFi… The Clean Router is a special router that has pre-set and customizable parental settings that filter out content parents would rather their children were not exposed to online. Easy to use, the Clean Router replaces a home’s current WiFi router.”


You can read the full review here.


Our customers love how easy we make online peace of mind. Clean Router’s set up is as easy as it gets– just plug it into your modem or existing router. If you have any questions, our friendly US-based support team is available by phone, email or online chat. Once Clean Router is ready, you can rest easily knowing your home internet network is protected by layers of up-to-date filtering around the clock!