An all-in-one solution for safe and fast wireless internet!

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SuperbCrew, a business news website covering innovative companies, just featured an interview with Clean Router CEO Spencer Thomason! They covered Clean Router’s origin story (superhero style :D) and talked about why Clean Router stands out among competitors.


Here are our favorite parts of the interview:


How we’re unique

“Our competitors require you to install software on each device and jump through a bunch of hoops. The CleanRouter is very unique in that it’s an actual physical device – a wireless router. You simply plug it in, and it automatically protects all of the devices in your home.”


The shout-out to our awesome support team

“We have a great US-based support team ready to assist you with just about anything. Call, email, or use the live chat on our website – we’d love to hear from you!”


And the very first moments of Clean Router magic

 “The first prototypes ended up working so well, I knew I had created something special. I just had to get these into the hands of families across the country.”


Read the full interview here!


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04 Mar, 20

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