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Protect your business

You can protect yourself from the liability of inappropriate staff or customer internet use with CleanRouter's features and our 7-layer IntellaFilter Technology.

Filters YouTube

Powerful Youtube-specific features allow you to watch all of your favorite videos with peace of mind

Blocked by keywords

You can configure your router to block content based on specific keywords or phrases.

Logs all activity per device

Our logging system allows you to access a complete record of web activity from each device connected to your network.

Emailed Reports

Say goodbye to shoulder-surfing! With the Clean Router, there is no need to hover over each internet-user in your office. The Clean Router will automatically monitor internet usage, and send you detailed emailed reports.

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Admin App

With the Admin App you can control your network on the go from anywhere. Available for iOS and Android.

Admin App
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Guest Wifi out of the box with seperate filter controls

Out of the box Guest and back office network that allows you to ensure that your back office staff and guests have safe internet controls that are independent of each other.

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Bandwidth Reports

With bandwidth reports you can see how much bandwidth is used by each device in your network. It also shows the time of day the bandwidth is used. This can be useful in knowing what devices are online at what times.

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With our VPN feature you can create a secure tunnel to your CleanRouter from anywhere in the world. VPNs are perfect if you or your employees travel. Customers can also have peace of mind that the data they supply you is more secure.

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Mesh add-on for larger locations

Do you have a large building? Add mesh nodes to your router for a clean and strong wireless signal throughout. No more dead zones! No more complaints about weak wireless signal.